Advanced telecommunication systems

Ericsson-LG is a South Korean producer of a high quality telecommunication and IT devices for telecommunication operators and businesses sectors: small office/home office solutions (SOHO), small medium enterprises (SME) and corporate solutions (CMA).

Ericsson-LG is a joint-venture company, established by LG Electronics and Ericsson companies that replaced the Nortel company (previously the company was known as LG-Nortel) in 2010. The manufactured line is based on the telecommunication experience of the LG Electronics that extends to the '60s of the 20th century.


The family of iPECS switches enables easy and economic administration over computer networks and voice data transfer control for the iPECS US telecommunication solutions. A diversified portfolio of switches allows an administrator to correctly and economically choose devices, depending on your company's requirements.


A series of business applications will make communication in your business more efficient. You have access to telecommunication resources of your company, irrespective of your location.


The iPECS telecommunication systems cooperate with a full range of modern and functional telephones: system telephone, SIP, IP, DECT that meet the requirement of every user.

UC platforms

Provides a complete production line based on the Unified Communication technology that constitutes heart of the the iPECS telecommunication solutions. The application and products operate in a complete, scattered IP architecture, without geographical limitations.

The iPECS systems functionality allows to reduce communication costs and makes an expansion easy and economic.