Electric power cabinets

Universal electric power cabinets are intended for indoor applications. The cabinet construction enables joining the cabinets in series in an easy way. They are produced in 19" overall dimensions.

By observing directions, in which the enclosures market develops, striving to constantly improve our products, we added to our offer a new type of enclosure - SZE3. The cabinet is mainly dedicated for the electric power and automated technology markets.

The use of a new profile broadened the offer and the very tightly sealed screwed cabinet, which together with the welded SZE2 cabinets, are an interesting alternative for enclosing various devices. The profile has open spaces in a few planes, which allows to better use the space inside the cabinet for various types of frame constructions with the use of ZPAS S.A. production support beams. The cabinet is ideal for electric power switching stations or control and automated technology cabinets, when using an support panel.

Apart from the electric power cabinets, we have enclosures for indoor and outdoor applications with the protection level ranging from IP 20 to IP 65 in our offer, that are ready for use or must be individually assemled. Every enclosure that meets all requirements is characterized by a separate production process.