KOMOS Line Universal, innovative system of structured cabling

Komos Line is a universal, innovative system of structured cabling that enables non-invasive replacement of the application plate on the socket and cross panel side without any interference in the connection casing.

This allows to easily change the serviced technology of transmission at the subscriber's point if the client's needs change, change in the number of subscribers or devices in the point. It allows to share the connection by simply exchanging the subscriber's plate.

This solution is also exceptionally helpful in case of mechanical damage to the sockets, where the failure must be quickly remedied.

The universal sockets comprises of a ring, in which two S/FTP cat. 7A 1500 MHz cables are terminated. On the panel side, an identical LSA Plus connection is used to terminate a single cable. Komos Line ensures that the application connection and cable is shared with the use of double RJ45 modules. Additional characteristics of the system is its small depth in the floor or under plaster boxes (only 38mm), as well as a possibility to place cables in a universal socket from any side (every 45 degrees).

Unique solution that allows to transmit a TV signal with the use of a twisted pair cable. This simplifies the multimedia wiring construction and allows to save the coaxial cable. The system enables socket-socket, socket-panel and panel-panel connections. A full transmission line of 90m can be reached with an amplifier of +20 dB.

Frequency ranges

  • Frequency from VHF I t o UHF II (47-862 Mhz)
  • DVB-C TV, analogue TV, radio
  • Ř DVB-S satellite TV possible when using a headend
  • Ř Required input signal of at least 60 - 65 dBμV