LEONI Kerpen Ready for future technologies

In cooperation with our German technology partner, the LEONI company, we introduce to the market the latest solutions in the structured cabling systems.

Connect 100

Connect 45

Connect 45 PRO

They are characterized by an open system architecture ensuring that it can be developed into so called applications of "tomorrow" that require fast transmissions, which exceeds potential of the standards that are defined at present.

All the three technologies of non-invasively replaceable plugs shown on the side can be connected to application interfaces:

RJ45 category 6A

TERA category 7A

ARJ45 category 7A

receiving the most reliable transmission multimedia that are present on the market nowadays. This technology opens a new standard that enables cooperation between the channel that was intended for IT applications until now and the TV multimedia.

The system scalability enables it development by a simple replacement of the application plugs at both ends of the transmission line, without any changes to a fixed "formed" cables. The main transmitting medium can be the MegaLine S/FTP dual shielded installation cables, designed in accordance with assumptions of the future 8.2 (40G) or 7A and 7 (10G) categories.

Thanks to cross cables the TERA® system allows that the cable is shared between applications and servicing the CATV type of application.

Due to full multimedia approach, such innovative and visionary solutions are dedicated for every institutional and private recipient, who looks into the future with an open mind. Apart from the high transmission parameters, the technology is based on new transmitting modules that are characterized by small dimensions and high packing in the cross panels, which makes it a perfect solution for so called the DATA CENTER Client.