ALANTEC INDUSTRY Line Cooperation with the HARTING®

The ALANTEC INDUSTRY Line offer relating to industry solutions has been created in cooperation with the HARTING® company, global market leader of automated technology, power engineering and transmission systems.

Special industry cables

Special industry cables of type line and wire, characterized by high mechanical resistance, wide range of temperatures, in which it is possible to use it, use of PUR polyurethane coatings, railways or UL certificates.

Industrial sockets adapted

Industrial sockets adapted to on-the-wall and the TH bus mounting; made of steel, aluminium and plastic that ensures the IP65/67 levels of protection. The sockets offer a possibility of the HAN 3A and HAN® PushPull blocked connections.

Plugs adapted

Plugs adapted to be terminated on industry cables in straight and angular versions.

Crossover cables

Crossover cables providing connection with the IP65/67 sockets in the HAN 3A and HAN® PushPull formats.